Apartments key to long term independence

17 January 2023 in Retirement Living

This article was recently featured in The West Australian Newspaper.

Carolyn and Mitzy

If you live alone and enjoy being in charge of your domestic universe, it would be wise to plan how you will maintain control of your circumstances as you get older. This is especially the case if children or other close family members, who could provide support, are not in the picture.

MYVISTA Mirrabooka’s retirement living apartments is a modern take on a seniors community, providing an attractive option for older people with an eye on their long-term independence. MYVISTA CEO Irene Mooney said rather than a quiet gated community on the edges of the metropolitan area, it offered over-55s homes designed to support ageing in place while still being a part of the vibrant and multicultural local community. “The 45 apartments are very contemporary in style but have been designed to allow for reduced mobility and maintaining of physical safety,” she said.

“Within the complex, there is an excellent range of medical and wellness services that are also used by the wider community and which are only a lift away for residents.

“Beyond the complex, there is a bus port, a shopping centre and a library.

“Plans for the redevelopment of the Mirrabooka Tavern site into a new licensed venue and commercial premises have recently been approved by the City of Stirling and will add even more amenities to the area.

“Even the airport is only a short drive away.”

MYVISTA Mirrabooka resident Carolyn, who moved into an apartment in July with her small dog Mitzy, said she felt she had made the right decision. “Before MYVISTA, I lived in a unit within a complex where the majority of people were out at work and it felt quite lonely at times,” she said.

“Here, I see people every day, I feel a lot safer and I am able to get help if ever I need it.

“I’ve stayed involved in lots of groups outside of MYVISTA Mirrabooka and I’m enjoying getting to know some of my new neighbours.

“We have Friday afternoon drinks and every day there are people to say ‘hello’ to.

“I looked at quite a few villages but nothing matched the good value of these apartments and all that’s available around them.”

Ms Mooney said the apartment complex was at 50 per cent occupancy and had attracted a mix of singles and couples, most of whom were looking for something different to the traditional retirement village model.

“In talking with the residents, I’ve learnt what interesting and rich personal histories they all have,” she said.

“Some have lived overseas or in regional parts of Australia and many continue to lead busy lives but welcome the sense of belonging they find here.

“They tend to be people who haven’t been afraid to change things up in their lives and are thriving being in this new setting.

“It’s exciting to be able to offer MYVISTA’s new style of retirement community that will support these individuals as they age while matching their young-at-heart attitude to life right now.”
A range of two and three-bedroom apartments, each with two bathrooms, is available under a lease for life arrangement. For more details and tour times, contact us today.

This article was first published in The West Australian, West Real Estate on Saturday, December 31, 2022.

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