Information about the cost of residential aged with MYVISTA

Fees and charges

The amount you will need to pay for Residential Aged care will depend on your current financial situation.

You need to lodge your Income & Assets information with Centrelink. Based on the information you supply in the test, Services Australia will determine how much you need to contribute to your accommodation, care and daily living.

An estimate of the fees you will need to pay can be obtained using the fee estimator available on the Government My Aged Care website.

If you are able to supply details of your income and assets, the Customer Service team at MYVISTA can also supply you with a cost estimate of your fees (basic information only), pending the outcome of the Centrelink assessment. However we strongly recommend you speak with your financial advisor.

There are three areas of costs for aged care

Accommodation Costs

This is an amount that some people pay to contribute towards or cover the full costs of their room, depending on their means assessment.

Fully supported resident
If your income and assets are below a certain level, the government will subsidise the full cost of your accommodation.

Partially supported resident
You will contribute to your accommodation cost and the government will subsidise the balance. The amount you contribute is determined from your Assets and Income information and will be calculated as a Daily Accommodation Contribution (DAC) or Refundable Accommodation Contribution (RAC).

Non supported resident
You will pay the full cost of your Accommodation. This cost can be paid in 3 ways:

  • A refundable lump sum amount known as a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD). The current maximum RAD payable for a room at MYVISTA is $550,000
  • A Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) calculated as a Maximum Permissible Interest Rate on the RAD.
  • A combination of both (RAD/DAP split). You can make a partial lump sum payment of the RAD and then pay a DAP on the balance.
    For example, you pay a $200,000 deposit on the RAD which reduces the DAP to $38.45 (as the interest calculation is only applied to the RAD balance of $350,000)

You have 28 days from the day you move in to decide how you would like to structure your accommodation payments. Until you decide how to pay for your accommodation, you will be charged a daily rental payment.

Care and Daily Living costs

In addition to the cost of your accommodation, fees are also charged for your care and daily living costs. There are two types of care costs.

Basic Daily Care Fee Every resident in aged care, including respite residents, is required to pay a basic daily fee as a contribution towards care and living expenses. This is set by the Government as a daily rate equal to 85% of the basic single age pension.

Means Tested Care Fee Some permanent residents may need to pay an additional cost towards their care fees depending on their income and assets. This fee is set and reviewed by the Government and reduced the care subsidies to the provider.

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