Spiritual Care at MYVISTA

30 March 2022 in Residential Aged Care

Helping residents to continue to have their spiritual needs meet is an important focus for MYVISTA.

All people have spiritual needs regardless of their faith, beliefs, and religion. Spirituality can be integral to someone’s quality of life and well-being and as an aged care provider, MYVISTA strives to maintain and improve both these things for everyone in our care. We believe that spiritual care is an essential part of age care. It encourages meaningful ageing and can support our residents to be the best versions of themselves. Spiritual needs are different for everyone, and our staff are continually looking for ways to support our residents spiritually, just as they would mentally and physically.

A detailed life history is recorded for everyone entering our care, this is recorded on their personal file. The allied health and care staff teams review this, looking for ways to support their interests, culture, and beliefs.

Some of the ways we support our residents are:

  • using daily connections to allow residents to talk about their stories and memories
  • being respectful of individuals identity, culture, and diversity
  • facilitating prayer and providing access to religious services
  • encouraging engagement in activities, such as providing garden beds for those with an interest in gardening, or providing music for those who like to sing and dance
  • ensuring there are opportunities to access outdoor areas and the natural environment
  • embracing celebration days for all cultures, for example Orthodox Christmas, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Easter
  • facilitating end of life connections and spiritual requests.

Whether it is our home care clients, who we can assist to get to church services, or our aged care residents whose daily lives we can intertwine with spirituality or our retirement living customers who we can promote and share local community offerings, we aim to meet the spiritual needs of everyone in our care.

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