MYVISTA Celebrates Harmony Week 2022

17 March 2022 in Residential Aged Care, Retirement Living, Home Care, Newsletters

This Harmony Week MYVISTA is celebrating its multicultural workforce who are the heart of our aged care residences, retirement communities and home care services.

Our workforce of approximately 225 people come from over 20 different countries around the world. When we asked staff what languages other than English they speak, over 40 different examples were provided, signalling a rich diversity of cultural backgrounds.
However it is perhaps what our staff share in common that is what is most notable; their overarching kindness and care for residents and their families as well as each other. Many of our staff members have made the brave decision to start a new life in Australia as migrants and so share the experience of living between the culture they were born into and the Australian culture they live in now.
We notice our staff will see the whole person, not just their nationality. They are patient and understanding when dealing with people who are ‘different’ to them and have a friendly curiosity about other cultures and a love of trying each other’s national food dishes! These qualities also extend to our Australian born staff who enjoy the rich cultural diversity of their workplace.
As well as asking our staff to share with us where they were born and what languages they spoke, we asked them “what would you like people to know about your culture?” The responses were very positive and perhaps speak best as to why MYVISTA’s workforce is such as wonderful example of heritage in harmony.

To be kind to all and respect our elders – India
Our enthusiasm and openness – Italy
The concept of Gross National Happiness – Bhutan
Love all people and divide only into good and bad people – Montenegro

Looking after our parents with respect and care as it’s our responsibility –Myanmar

MYVISTA, whose ethos is ‘our heritage in harmony’, is grateful for the contribution of migrants to our country, our community and our workplace and we hope everyone will take the opportunity to reflect and appreciate and our multicultural society this harmony week.

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