Potluck Lunch tradition

22 December 2022 in General

The potluck lunches held amongst staff at MYVISTA’s Balcatta Residential Aged Care facility are legendary for the quantity and quality of international food that they bring to share with one another. The lunches are so loved that when the facility’s Director of Nursing, Dr Mya Daw Sein recently retired after 15 years there, she requested ‘a potluck lunch’ rather than a fancy dinner for her farewell function.

Dr Daw Sein (fondly known as Mamma Mya) with Tony Vallelonga, former Board Chair at the farewell lunch

The staff at Balcatta come from many different countries and sharing food from their homeland has proved to be a great way to connect and build a sense of community at the facility where they care for up to 102 elderly residents.

MYVISTA CEO Irene Mooney says it’s a tradition the staff have forged for themselves with new employees encouraged to take part. “Every staff member’s background is different. Even if two people are of the same nationality, they will still have been shaped and influenced by their own unique experiences in that country. Sharing a taste of home is such a lovely way to foster empathy and understanding. Plus the lunches are a lot of fun!”

There is a very positive workplace culture at the Balcatta facility which enjoys a high workforce retention rate with over 40 staff now in their second decade of employment with MYVISTA.

“Mya believed the lunches remind us that MYVISTA is a safe and supportive environment for people from culturally diverse backgrounds. The journey to be able to live and work in Australia has been long and challenging for many of our staff members, and knowing that your colleague understands what that is like creates a bond.

“Many MYVISTA aged care residents come to Australia from a variety of ethnic backgrounds to make their home in a new country. I think our staff members’ lived experiences of that journey gives them insight into who a resident is a person, and it adds to the level compassion and care our staff provide.”

As to which dish is the most popular at the lunches? We leave that to the people tasting these delights.

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